Oral Prevent

Less is often more

In 1990 Dr. Jens Thomsen founded the oral hygiene company Oral-Prevent based in Hamburg. As a practicing dentist with a focus on prophylaxis, he sensitizes his patients to proper dental care. Dissatisfied with the existing offerings, he devoted himself to improving prophylactic products such as interdental brushes and dental floss.

Since then he has been developing dental care products for Oral-Prevent that pass every dental test. Oral-Prevent always follows the maxim: "Less is often more".

dr Thomsen and his employees devote themselves to important improvements and dispense with the superfluous. They rely not only on scientifically based findings and their own experiences, but also on suggestions and ideas from customers and dentists.

The Oral-Prevent range is supplemented by articles from other manufacturers, which have to pass precise tests time and time again and have proven themselves in practice.

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